Learning Centre We believe that the cultivation of 4C - Capability, Consideration, Cooperation, and Curiosity are the cornerstone of children leading to happiness and success. yellow-shape Learn More shape-bar color-bars 4 Clovers
Why 4C is the Right Fit for Your Child?

4 clovers learning centre offers a unique platform for your children where they are trained in an environment that offers:


Advanced Concepts

American multiple intelligence concept, Reggio Emilia Approach and Students-centred


Co-curricular Activities

Develops early 5 Q potential development via the three areas of kinesthetic, auditor and visual


All-round Development

More aimed at the “all-round develop” of children and balanced development of all aspects


A class of Five

There are 5 children only in one classroom with a high security system and a safe and clean environment

Our Goals for your kids

Developing hand-eye coordination, cross-threading, counting, muscle development and tactile exercises.

Concentrate & calm down

Developing the ability to concentrate on lessons and enhance the attention span.


Developing and extending creativity in kids by creating the ability to meaningfully relate visual stimuli to other previously learnt images.

Visual Communication

Developing the ability to present ideas with use of hands, facial expressions, and gestures to communicate.

Interpersonal relationships

Developing the ability to work on interpersonal relationships and interact with fellow students in a meaningful and engaging manner.

Control of Strength

Let the little one understand the power, control & attention, set boundary, consistency, and positive discipline.

Analytical thinking

Training the young mind to think analytically and approach problems logical reasoning. Training the memory and polishing the ability to make clear judgment.

Self-centered learning

Training the children self-learning skills while considering their individual background, needs, overall aesthetics of space architecture.

Expression of thought

Training young children to clearly express their thoughts and explain how they feel about ideas and real life situations.

Team Spirit

Teaching the kids to work as a team. Training them to transcend self-centered approaches and think as a team.

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Our Partners

What makes this day care special is, that we have strongly supported by famous educational institutions. 

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